The organ of the Alain family

Thanks to the Jehan Alain association, this instrument, which has unique properties with respect to the sound and technical design, has been restored by the Manufacture d'Orgues de Saint-Martin (NE, Switzerland). With its 4 keyboards, 43 stops and 2395 pipes it has been installed under the roof of the Maison de la Dîme at Romainmôtier, one of the buildings of the old conventual enclosure. It is now used for recitals, courses, seminars and for those who wish to study more profoundly the work of Jehan Alain who has been largely inspired by this instrument. It has been classified as an Historic Monument.

The enormous financial effort to save this organ is accomplished, but the association has other plans which merit your support: publications, recordings, creation of a permanent exposition, without forgetting the events organised for the pleasure of its members with the cooperation of artists who have a particular close relationship with the compositions of Jehan Alain.

You are kindly invited to join us with those hundreds of persons who, in Switzerland and abroad, love Jehan Alain's music. 

Visits and demonstrations of the organ

Everybody, whether members of the association or not, is welcome to visit the instrument. Nevertheless our members have some priorities and advantages.







Grand-Orgue I


Positif II

Solo III


Récit IV

Soubasse 16

Bourdon 16

Salicional 8

Quintaton 16

Principal  8

Basse 8

Montre 8

Cor de nuit 8

Gambe 8

Bourdon. 8

Flûte 4

Flûte harm. 8

Gros nazard 5 1/3

Voix cél. 8

Prestant 4

Bourdon 4

Bourdon 8

Flûte douce 4

Flûte conique 8

Quinte 2 2/3

Principal 2

Prestant 4

Nasard 2 2/3

Salicet 4

Doublette 2

Nasard 1 1/3

Fourniture V

Quarte 2

Flûte octav. 4

Tierce 1 3/5

Tierce 4/5


Tierce 1 3/5

Nasard 2 2/3

Plein-jeu 1



Larigot 1 1/3

Flûte 2

Bombarde 16



Piccolo 1

Tierce 1 3/5

Trompette 8




Cromorne 8
Hautbois 8



Accouplements :          Pos./G.O. –Réc./G.O. – Solo/G.O.- Réc./Pos. – Solo/Pos.

Tirasses :                     Solo – Récit – Positif – G.O. –

Expressions Pedals :    Agni Yavishta - Récit - Solo