Report for the 2018 General Assembly (abstract)

N.B. The official reports are published in extenso in the annual brochure of the Association. The abridged versions hereunder are updated regularly during the year.

Alain organ
The instrument has received over this year about 700 persons from all over the world : private visitors, groups, school classes and conservatory students.
Normally, they are hosted by Michel Jordan, Organist of the Abbey church of Romainmôtier, or by Guy Bovet.
Regular concerts with free entrance, of about 30 minutes duration are given during the touristic season on Sundays at 4 pm, before the 5 pm concert in the Abbey church. Usually, they are given by the organists performing afterwards in the Abbey church ; if this is not possible, Michel Jordan, Guy Bovet, and other members of the Committee play.
Special concerts may be organized on request all over the year. The organists can be provided by the Association, or proposed by the guests.
General assembly
Our general assembly has taken place on June 16 in Romainmôtier, exceptionnally in St Michel's chapel where the Tagliavini organ has been installed. Guy Bovet presented the instrument with works by Bach and Tagliavini. For a few years now, the Concerts de Romainmôtier have organized a concert in the Abbey church, the day (Sunday) after the GA, as a charity for our association. This concert has been played by Marc Fitze. The Society is extremely grateful for this generous present, since the cost of moving and re-installing the Tagliavini organ is much higher than anticipated. The 2019 GA will be on Saturday, June 29, and the soloist will be Benjamin Righetti.

Interpretation course
The interpretation course was held mid-July. It consisted of three 2-day sessions (Ludger Lohmann, Eric Lebrun, Guy Bovet), the improvisation week (Tobias Willi and Emmanuel Le Divellec), and the course for liturgical organists (2 days), given by Michel Jordan and Guy Bovet. The participation was good.
The course continues under the management of a new group consisting of Tobias Willi, Marc Fitze, Babette Mondry, Emmanuel Le Divellec and Michel Jordan, members of our committee, and of several persons from Romainmôtier, amongst which Ms Hélène Baudat and Ms Rösli Gaudard. The local tourist office will cooperate in the organisation.

The Committee has met several times over the year. A nice brochure was produced for the 50st anniversary of the organ course (in French and English), donated by 

Babette Mondry and Claude Maréchaux. It can be ordered for free from our office. 

General office
Although the interpretation course is taken over by a new group, Marisa und Guy Bovet continue the administration of the AJA.
General assembly 2019
It will take place on Saturday, June 29, 2019, in Romainmôtier, with a concert to be announced. Our members will be informed in written, as well as on the webpage of the AJA.



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