International Organ Course of Romainm˘tier (CIOR)

2019 (51st Course)

Improvisation (14-21 July),  Emmanuel Le Divellec and Tobias Willi
Work by "total immersion", in class lessons, workshops and daily individual lessons.
The course is open to participants of all levels

Interpretation (21-28 July, in 3 two-day sessions) : Around Jehan Alain
Andres Cea Galan (22-23 July: Spanish music), Olivier Latry (24-26 July: Alain, French Baroque music), Gerhard Gnann (26-27 July: Alain, Bach/Trio sonatas, Muffat, Mozart).
Work in groups and individually, round tables with two teachers. Possibility to select only one or two sessions.

Repertory lists : see below (Downloads)

Course for parish organists (24 and 25 July) : Michel Jordan and Guy Bovet
Organized in cooperation with the Parish of Romainmôtier and the French Swiss Organist's Society. Accompaniment of all sorts of songs (all denominations), simple improvisations and repertory suitable for church services
Repertory : Bach (Orgelbüchlein), Couperin, Messe des Couvents; Alain, simpler pieces, especially from the 3d volume of Leduc, "5 Pièces Faciles" published by Leduc and 4 Pièces published by Universal.

House organ of the Alain family (4 manuals, 45 stops)
Lhôte organ in the Abbey church of Romainmôtier (4 manuals)
3-manual house organ given to our Association by Luigi Ferdinando Tagliavini

Plenty of smaller study organs in surrounding villages

Participants of the course have the possibility to use a common residence for a reasonable price: kitchen, rooms with 2 to 6 beds. Bring your own towels; bedsheets are available or bring a sleeping bag. Besides this, there are different possibilities in town: 2 hotels (Hôtel St Romain and Maison Junod) and private guest rooms. Detailed information can be found in the info file (see below) and on the webpage

Registration and more details
Cours international d'orgue de Romainmôtier, La Porterie, CH 1323 Romainmôtier ,

further informations and application forms : see below (Downloads)





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